Monitored Dosage System

The role of the pharmacist is key to the community health challenge

Figures that will leave you speechless

    1 in every 2 patients forgets to take their medication

    1 in every 3 patients fails to collect their prescribed medication

    3 in every 10 patients stop taking their medication once treatment has started

    1 in every 4 patients takes a lower dose than prescribed by their physician

Who is it for?

Chronic, polymedicated, and dependent patients

MDS is a pharmacy service aimed at optimizing the appropriate use of medication by repackaging it into blister or pouch formats

  • Correct patient
  • Correct medication
  • Correct dose
  • Correct time

Joint intervention from health professionals is key to therapeutic adherence

Discover the tech solution to improve communication with your nursing home

  • Shared platform for managing medication changes
  • Save time and avoid unnecessary calls and emails
  • Integration with nursing home management programs

Problems with MDS in the pharmacy

We offer tech solutions to address problems with MDS in the pharmacy, in particular: