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Our story

Our beginning dates back to 1917 and a small pharmacy in Caldes de Montbui.


As licensed pharmacists, we offered our patients MDS services manually with no technology component


Investigating MDS optimization around Europe, we came across automated MDS and purchased a DOOR244 for our pharmacy: no integration, software and customer service all in Dutch... and twice the price it is today. Our friends said we were crazy - and they were right! So we decided to create our own software pivoted to our needs.


Since we had developed our proprietary software and a small tech team, we decided to go one step further and offer solutions by and for pharmacists. We became official distributors of JVM and the Ti-Medi automated MDS system was created.


Selling the machines was almost an impossible mission! Technology unknown to Spanish pharmacies and requiring a significant investment... The barriers to entry were high, so we developed a leasing model and established a partnership with Mylan.


Slowly but surely the MDS began to gain acceptance. We installed the first Ti-Medi system for the public administration in correctional facilities.


We took our first steps toward internationalization by offering tech solutions in the Portuguese market. We closed the year with 90 pharmacies placing their trust in Ti-Medi for automated MDS implementation


Five years have passed since we started out on this journey - an eternity in the world of software. Then Ti-Dose was born, a second, far more powerful software package specifically developed in response to our customers' experiences and needs.


We are no longer the only ones in the business! We have continued to grow and bring professional status to the company. We have established a strong human team comprising technicians, instructors, clerks, and developers. We are ready to grow while upholding excellent customer service.


On the path toward internationalization, we presented our solutions at Pharmagora Paris. The idea for DualBlist was born, a product set to revolutionize the MDS market. We want technology to be accessible to all pharmacies! A semiautomatic system for MDS preparation that is making inroads in our lives.


Digital transformation and the demand for tech solutions in the health sector surged with Covid-19. How did we respond? By implementing DualBlist, a comprehensive service with a 100% digital subscription process. We released Ti-Dose Pro®, our cloud-based software proposal with best-in-class usability, and initiated a wide range of projects to better connect end patients with pharmacies and nursing homes. We also launched Ti-Medi MDS School, a digital training platform available to all our customers.


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