Monitored Dosage System

Technology for your pharmacy's MDS service

The tech solution for MDS

We offer our support and services to make Monitored Dosage System management simpler, safer, and more efficient

The role of the pharmacist is key to the community health challenge

Figures that will leave you speechless

    1 in every 2 patients forgets to take their medication

    1 in every 3 patients fails to collect their prescribed medication

    3 in every 10 patients stop taking their medication once treatment has started

    1 in every 4 patients takes a lower dose than prescribed by their physician

Because your patients are what really matter

MDS helps improve patient quality of life by facilitating medication management.

Simplicity, safety, and efficiency

Main benefits of using the Ti-Medi system

Batch number and expiration date traceability

Quality control with photo registration

Reduced preparation time

Reduction in human error

Integration with pharmacy management programs

Communication with nursing homes

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