MDS software

Simple, safe, and efficient

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The most advanced technology with the leading customer journey.

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Creation of patient profiles and validation of dosing schedules



MDS automation; the link between planning and the MDS dispensing robot



Medication cycle completed via controlled hand-off to patients



Ti-Dose Pro

The most advanced and user-friendly treatment management software.

Computerized data and complete traceability through action logging

Creation of centers for efficient patient management and communication with nursing homes

Entry of patient and dosing data via a simple and intuitive interface

Integration with leading pharmacy management programs to optimize stock control

Pharmacy validation of all medication changes for enhanced safety and traceability

Customizable pharmacy-specific MDS medication databases

Remote access from any device while maintaining a strong cybersecurity infrastructure

Customized report generation to optimize MDS procurement and efficiency

Administration of permissions for information viewing and editing



The link between Ti-Dose Pro and the MDS dispensing robot

Management of canisters and MDS dispensing robot stock

Management of trays and autocanisters for low-rotation medication and split dose tablets

National Code, batch, and expiration date logging to ensure complete traceability

MDS pouch format and text field customization

Option to incorporate the artificial intelligence-based inspection and control system

User-specific permission and task management

Production report generation

Multiple language settings



Completed medication cycle

Medication administration validation by scanning the QR code on the pouch

Notification of any modification or action carried out at time of administration

Detailed treatment information thanks to the photographic logging of preparations

Treatment administration data is automatically recorded

Assistance for administering medication not included in the pouch

Keeps a record of administrations to ensure complete traceability

Option to create an administration area by floor, room, etc.

Pharmacy-nursing home information synchronization

User-specific permission and task management