Semiautomatic MDS

Automation with no major outlays

The perfect tool for getting started in MDS automation



  • Patient volume: 0-120
  • Guided with LED technology
  • Manual sealing
  • With photographic control



  • Patient volume: 0-120
  • Guided with LED technology
  • Automatic sealing
  • Without photographic control

RDC-45 blister machine

Innovation and simplicity in MDS preparation

Tablets are manually added to the cells illuminated with LED technology, minimizing dosing errors and increasing efficiency.

Automatic batch and expiration date registration

RDC-45 blister machine

The medications are verified using the barcode scanner.

Fully customizable pouch design

All the information printed on the pouch is customizable and can be identified with the Data Matrix code to guarantee traceability.

  1. Dose time
  2. Day of the week
  3. Patient name
  4. Unique identification code with full pouch information (blister ID, medication…)
  5. Dose date
  6. Quantity of tablets packaged
  7. Name, dose, and type of tablet
  8. Tablet details (shape, color, batch number, and expiration date)
  9. Total quantity of tablets packaged
  10. Logo and website of the pharmacy/nursing home
  11. Dose time representation

Easy replacement of consumables

RDC-45 blister machine

The removable formats of the printing strip and consumables roll facilitate replacement, optimizing MDS preparation continuity.

Data sheets

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