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Which dispensing robot best fits your needs?

DEN model


  • Patient volume: 50-250
  • No. canisters: 0-36-84
  • No. autocanisters: 0-4

DOOR model


  • Patient volume: 150-800
  • No. canisters: 156-208-244
  • No. autocanisters: 0-8

NS model


  • Patient volume: 400-2,500
  • No. canisters: 300-360-480-576
  • No. autocanisters: 0-8

DOB model


  • Patient volume: 150-800
  • No. canisters: 208
  • No. autocanisters: 0-8

What difference is there between automatic MDS dispensing robots?

Larger size, enhanced efficiency

The main difference is the number of high-rotation medications that can be managed in the canisters. The larger the dispensing robot, the greater the number of canisters, meaning less handling and more efficiency.

A canister is a hopper calibrated to a specific medication by shape and size. It is identified by an RFID code the dispensing robot recognizes regardless of location.

How are low-rotation medications managed?

MDS dispensing robots enable the onboarding of autocanisters (universal hoppers) that make it possible to automatically add a specific or occasional medication according to your needs, even split dose tablets.

They also have a multi-patient STS tray system for manually adding low-rotation medication or medications not assigned to a canister.

Fully customizable pouch design

All the information printed on the pouch is customizable and can be identified with the Data Matrix code to guarantee traceability.

  1. Dose time
  2. Day of the week
  3. Patient name
  4. Unique identification code with full pouch information (blister ID, medication…)
  5. Dose date
  6. Quantity of tablets packaged
  7. Name, dose, and type of tablet
  8. Tablet details (shape, color, batch number, and expiration date)
  9. Total quantity of tablets packaged
  10. Logo and website of the pharmacy/nursing home
  11. Dose time representation

Variable pouch size (optional)

The pouch size can be adjusted according to the number of tablets included in it, minimizing use of consumables.

Easy replacement of consumables

The removable consumable formats facilitate replacement, optimizing MDS preparation process continuity.


Fast and easy cleaning

Automatic blistering machines allows for hands-free medication liberation, preventing cross-contamination and facilitating cleaning.

Simple, safe, and efficient

Intuitive software under constant development

Ti-Dose pro is the foundation for MDS excellence

  • Integrated with pharmacy management programs
  • Patient and dose management
  • Pharmacy validation
  • Complete traceability
  • Report generation
  • Stock control

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